Be part of the family

Liu Yue. Thanks to Mr. Yue for sharing customs and traditions from his culture.
La familia Casal. Orgullosos de poder atenderlos, de que nos hubiesen seleccionado para su breve estancia en la Habana.
Marcela & Paolo. Atomic couple, full of positive vibres, samba, jazz, rumba, salsa, mojitos and an endless hunger for knowing Cuban culture.
Silvia, Marina y Carlo.
Dr. Martin Vendel. An honor to host Dr. Vendel, have the chance to talk about and listen to his future projects.
Mr. & Mrs. Beattie. A huge pleasure to have them with us.
La familia Fajardo. Nos deleitaron con sus sonrisas y buenas vibras.
Michael Ritzi, OutClique. Excellent and interesting chats, left us but a bit of Havana got stuck in his heart.
Bex. Just one word to define this woman: AMAZING!
Stefanie & Bianca
La familia Tejada. Pura adrenalina caribeña!
Diana & Wilfred. Nothing compares with their beautiful smiles, always fresh and relaxed, looking for Havana adventures.
Rajvir. Kind, calm, relaxed and friendly smile all the time.
Azza & her friends. The night party team! They loved so much Havana nights.
Dayane & Eva. The most musical young couple, they came dancing samba and left dancing salsa!
Benjamin. The serene smile of the family who didn't say good bye but I'll be back!
Mr. & Mrs. Duffy. So lovely, so passionate, so ready to fight for!
Gary Markowski & the birds watcher group. Thanks to Gary, Ahmet, Richard, Don, Adam, Lisa, Deb, John, Randye & Bob for being part of our family.
Mr. & Mrs. Marshal. Always on their own walking tours, sight seeing and visiting as much as they could.
Haifa & FAYCOACHING TRAVEL. Now we have boxers in Vapor 156 family!
Papachristos family, the Greek Family Members. One of the largest family members we've ever had, always with a plan, eager to learn and know from Cuban cuiture.
Andrea and his wife. Vapor 156 first honeymooners. They visited Trinidad, Varadero and Viñales organized by our trip planners.

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Conctact numbers

+53 7 877 8453 (Hotel)

+53 558 1 9594 (Elizandro|Owner)

+4916097941361 (Dirk|Owner)

+5358647588 (Jorge|Manager)


Vapor #156, Between Espada and San Francisco Centro Havana, Havana 11200, Cuba.


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